Ah...Boston, our home town - famous for its beans, Bill Buckner, Conan O'Brien, and a certain tea partay.
People said we were crazy to try to drive cross-country in 3 and a half days. To which, we laugh in their general direction.
boston, acorn street
boston, ma to lewisburg, pa
mass pike
A little Boston traffic was to be expected. Little! HAHA!
Upstate Pennsylvania. A little slice of sanity after Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York highways...
Uh... what do people do around here?
and on to Leg 2...
massachusetts flag
pennsylvania flag
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Leg 1 (Boston to Lewisburg, PA)
Leg 2 (Lewisburg to Des Moines)
Leg 3 (Des Moines to Vail, CO)
Leg 4 (Vail to LA)

Leg 5 (LA to The Grand Canyon)
Leg 6 (The Grand Canyon to Roswell, NM)
Leg 7 (Roswell, NM to Memphis, TN)
Leg 8 (Memphis, TN to Roanoke, VA)
Leg 9 (Roanoke, VA to Boston, MA)