THE NIFTY TOP 50 WOMEN (1-10)...


#1 #1

Joanna Krupa (wow - top gainer of the century. go bearz)
Born in: Poland
Lives in: Chicago
Occupation: actress
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#2 #2 Jessica Alba (still way hot despite the bun in the oven)
Born in: California, 1981
Occupation: actress
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#3 #21 Vanessa Minnillo (she's on the list now that she got the Derek Jeter stink off of her)
Born in: Phillipines, 1980
Occupation: VJ
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vanessa minnillo
#4 #4 Lauren Michelle Hill (turn ons: bathtubs)
Born in: South Carolina, June 27, 1979
Occupation: model
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#5 #5 Brooke Burns (it's a dog eat dog world and i'm wearing milk bone underwear)
Born in: Dallas, TX, 1977
Lives in: Los Angeles
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#6 #9 Adriana Lima (Adriana, O que faria se o beijasse neste preciso momento?)
Born in: Brazil, 1982
Lives in: Manhattan
SINGLE (dumped loser Lenny Kravitz)
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Adriana Lima
#7 #6 Yamila Diaz (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fave)
Born in: Argentina, March 9, 1976
Lives in: Manhattan
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#8 #8 Victoria Silvstedt (former 1st runner up Miss Sweden and Playmate of the Year, first year on the list - what were we thinking?)
Born in: Skelleftea, Sweden (on the arctic circle), 1974
Lives in: somewhere in the US

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#9 #3 Alina Vacariu (quotes like: "Casual sex is OK," "I don't care about a guy's body," and "I don’t like guys who feel like they need to listen to me" make her quite possibly the worlds most interesting woman.)
Born in: Romania, 1984
Lives in:
Occupation: model
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alina vacariu
#10 --- Nicole Scherzinger (our favorite Pussycat Doll)
Born in: Honolulu, HI, 6/29/78
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Nicole Scherzinger
note: any of you women are welcome to contact me at to negotiate a higher ranking!
and if you're not on the list, maybe you're on the wannabe list.
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