Pirate Radio is the unlicensed broadcasting of a radio station on unauthorized frequencies. Generally, pirates are hobbyists who enjoy sending their signal out to anyone who can receive it. With modified amateur radio equipment, a pirate is able to broadcast his or her (mostly his) unique style of programming to the world. It is very common in the UK on the FM band, where the pirates tend to have an offshore station. In Europe, a wide variety of shortwave frequencies are also used. In the US, pirates tend to broadcast infrequently after hours on 6955 KHz and other nearby frequencies. For more, see DXING.COM Pirate Radio.

Radio Free Kentucky - 3260 (USA)
Alpha Lima International - 6210, 15070 (Holland)
Laser Hot Hits - 6220 (USA)
Radio Milliwatti - 6290 (Europe)
Radio Bingo - 6925 (USA)
Slim Shady Radio - 6925 (USA)
WMPR - 6925, 6955 (USA)
Captain Morgan - 6950 (USA)
Voice of the Angry Bastard - 6950 (USA)
Voice of Laryngitis - 6955 (USA)
Oxycontin Radio - 6955 (USA)
Radio Free Speech - 6955 (USA)
Seattle Free Radio - 6955 (USA)
KMUD - 6955 (USA)
Voice of the New World Order - 6955 (USA)
Radio Free Texas - 6990 (USA)
and many many more...

2002 Pirate Logs (many derived from dxing.de)

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