USSR 1986

MUCOVITES! Note the high fashion in the foreground

Ah, the Kremiln!
never gonna get into the party with attitude like that
After a very shaky Aeroflot landing at 3AM, we were brisked off to our hotel - at the time, the largest in the world. This is a view from our hotel window. No balcony, windows that open, nothing to prevent one from falling 20 stories to your death. Of course, I fully imagined that the cars parked on the street were nothing less than a KGB stakeout.
apparently, bigger is better in Moscow, as demostrated by the popularity of the worlds largest bell and the world's largest cannon
only one of about a zillion statues of ol' Vlad
and you thought the goose-step died with the Nazis
thar's gold in them there domes
St. Basil's Cathedral and closeup
future commie
illegal photo #1 - electric factory. sshhhh!
note: the photos on this page were taken during a trip to the Soviet Union in 1986. the period was "Glasnost" under Gorbachev.
Nothing like Red Square in the summer. Yes, that mile-long line is to see rock star V. Lenin's pickled corpse.
again, the 007 in me got a rush out of this lineup of Zils outside of the Presidium
stompin' at the Bolshoi
GUM department store
this line was because somebody opened a big box full of hideous blue dresses and the word spread fast
my nutty friend posing with some guy from one of the 'stans. can you tell who is who?
Moscow's version of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. very proud of their satellites.
the train to Leningrad. illegal photo #2
the choice of a glasnost generation
Bob, the black market trader, gets my sunglasses. i got his Komsomol cap.
winter palace
Rembrandt guard at The Hermitage, aka "how they maintained full employment"
Revolution Square
Georgian folk dancers