nutty new kitten
November 15,

when is dinner served?
November 15,

my first christmas. this is so cool!
December 6,

classic skittle position
what's that on the floor?
this kid makes the funniest faces
November 14, 1999
i just LOVE a good bag!
christmas #2. i remember this whole tree thing.
December 25, 1999
another great bag! smells like coffee, though.
January 22, 2000
man, am i dizzy!
December 11, 2001
that's ok. big sly will protect me.
why does the dumb one get so pissed when i'm on this rug?
December 9, 2001
this is so cozy
look at me. i'm 4 now
me and my mom (she's the one asleep)
November 9, 2002
me on my dad's lap