SETI signal the best candidate for ET contact
Analysis of SETI@home data reveals the occasional signal that is consistent and non-terrestrial. One particular signal spotted earlier this year may be the best candidate so far for ET contact.
- September 2004
Sunspots reach 1000 year high!
Based on the anaysis of Greenland ice cores by scientists from the Institute for Astronomy in Zurich, it has been determined that the sunspot level is at the highest that it has been in 100 years.
- July 2004
"Green Goo" - the new danger of nanotech?
The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration recently published a report identifying new nanobiotech organisms, aka "green goo" as the riskiest endeavor in the field.
- July 2004
Cold Fusion Making a Comeback?
An MIT professor, once shunned from the scientific community for his experiments with cold fusion, is getting another chance due to a renewed interest by the Department of Energy.
- July 2004
.3 mm Teleportation of Atoms
Physicists from America and New Zealand have upped the teleportation ante by teleporting the state of an atom a distance of .3 mm.
- July 2004