DISCLAIMER: The genealogy represented on these pages is based on the following things:

What are the accuracies of these things? Hard to say. The family records are probably fairly accurate, although I have found some misspellings and wrongs dates. Some public records are pretty good, but they depend on the source. Guy comes to the house to take the census in 1881 and you don't feel like telling him the whole truth, and your record is forever flakey. Stuff off the Internet? Who knows. I kind of like the Jesus/Merovingian thing, for example - it can't be any less credible than the stuff in the Bible, can it?

Fact is, all I really think I know are the people I've actually met, like my parents and grandparents. And, even assuming that I wasn't adopted or dropped off by aliens, I don't really know that for certain since I'm pretty sure we all live in the Matrix. :^)

Samuel Clemens
(aka "Mark Twain");
g- g- grandmother's 6th cousin
William the Conqueror;
29th-great grandfather
Jesus of Nazarene;
64th-great grandfather
41st-great grandfather
Mark Antony;
73rd-great grandfather
William Wallace
(aka "Braveheart");
~21st-great grandfather's cousin
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Lucille Ball ;
mother's 10th cousin
George Washington ;
7th-great grandmother's 8th cousin