Jim Elvidge is interviewed on late night talk radio show "Coast to Coast AM" about his book. "Coast" is broadcast on over 500 radio affiliates in the US and Canada, plus XM Radio channel 165, and worldwide on the web (Jim Elvidge, February 2008)

Jim Elvidge publishes "The Universe - Solved!", the ultimate book on the nature of reality (Jim Elvidge, December 2007)

Brandon Elvidge is an associate producer of The 1 Second Film (Brandon Elvidge, July 2007)

Brandon Elvidge publishes article on video game usage (Brandon Elvidge, July 2007)

Catherine Elvidge provides animation for The Golden Compass, Superman Returns, and more (Catherine Elvidge, May 2007)

Chris Elvidge presents at the 2007 Night Symposium (Chris Elvidge, February 2007)

Brandon Elvidge helps develop new anti-spamming software (Brandon Elvidge, January 2007)

Attorney Eric Elvidge helps startups get funding (Eric Elvidge, May 2005)

Michael Elvidge exhibits new work at the Durham Art Gallery (Michael Elvidge, November 2004)

Chris Elvidge publishes paper showing that the countries built-up surfaces equals Ohio in area" (Chris Elvidge, 16 June 2004)

Julia Elvidge named president of Chipworks, Inc. (Julia Elvidge, 9 September 2003)

Chris Elvidge receives the International Cartographic Association's "Award for Excellence in Cartography" (Chris Elvidge, 16 August 2003)

John Elvidge appointed Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Executive (John Elvidge, 3 June 2003)

Elvidge cracks a superb century as Scarborough duo rock Lightcliffe (whatever that means) (Neil Elvidge, 25 July 2002)

Jonathan Elvidge, Chief Executive, The Gadget Shop - Britains Fastest Gift Retailer (Jonathan Elvidge, 2002)

Jim Elvidge forms MO57 (Jim Elvidge, 2002)

NOAA Scientist, Chris Elvidge, completes study on Artificial Night Sky Brightness (Chris Elvidge, 2001)

Elissa Elvidge Gets Back on Track as Soloist (Elissa Elvidge, 2001)

Steve Elvidge voted "West Australian Ranger of the Year" (Steve Elvidge, 2001)

James Elvidge creates Pajamazon (James Elvidge, 2000)

Jamie Elvidge Named Editor Of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine (Jamie Elvidge, 10 October 2000)

Super Elvidge helps sink sad Denaby (Dave Elvidge, 22 April 2000)

Remembering Ron Elvidge and the New Zealand Rugby Museum (Ron Elvidge)

Remembering June Elvidge's Filmography (June Elvidge)